How to get colours of a website?

This one is going to be short and simple (even though it would make a nice extension to the configurator from the previous article).

First, we’ll need a screenshot of a website.

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Configurator with a live preview of a personalised product in AngularJS


In a previous article I wrote about mass-generation of personalised print products. The next thing we wanted to achieve at that project was to introduce some level of self-service for our clients. The idea was to simply provide a website with two inputs – one for company’s logo and one (or two) for colours – and send them straight into our CRM.

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Batch generation and mass personalisation of print products

Part I – Adobe InDesign

Back at my previous job we had this new project named Meinungsmeister. Among its key deliverables were print products like table stands or review forms. The idea was that we would personalise them for local businesses with their logos and colours. Then they would put printed products in their stores allowing the customers to write reviews that would be digitalised and published across the Internet.

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Creating e-mail newsletters

Below I present my insights regarding the technical site of creating a template for an e-mail newsletter. It’s certainly not an exhaustive list. This subject is full of tiny, yet important details and tricks. However the few points below ought to give every frontend developer a head start.

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